Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't be Scammed !!!!

Scam Alert - It has been brought to our attention that there are a number is websites taking peoples money and never sending a puppy. Most of the puppies being advertised for 1000-1300 dollars. There usualy is not a contact number to reach anyone. If they ask to you send a WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM the chances are they are a scam.

Please look for the Miniature Bulldog Club of America Logo on the site of any reputable Miniature Bulldog Breeder or visit them online @

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Puppies arriving this morning to their new homes !!!

Hey Mini Bulldog Lovers -

We just wanted to keep you updated on our previous litter. A Total of 2 litter and 13 puppies just left for their new homes this morning. We would like to that the Continental Airlines Pet Safe Program for their amazing service. We are the only breeder in the country asked to participate on making the transportation of your puppies. The Continental Pet Safe program take unbelievable care of our puppies. We are what are considered " Known Shippers ". This means we went through at least 4 different screening processes with the FBI, FAA, TSA, Continental Airlines, and local Animal Control offices.

This is a huge honor for us to be considered one of the top Breeders in the country in order to participate in this program. If your Miniature Bulldog Breeder is not a Know Shipper with an Airlines then your puppy will be flown just like luggage. This is not the proper way for a puppy to travel. Since we have been selected to participate we would like to that all the wonderful employees at Continental.

Thank you,


Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Litter Available

Hey Guy's,

Our long awaited litter has arrived. This is going to be one for the record books. There are 7 puppies, 3 males and 4 females. We plan on keeping 3 puppies from this litter. The rest of the Litter can be viewed @ All of our puppies are the best of the best. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do not be fooled by imitation Miniature Bulldogs. Only purchase a Miniature Bulldog from a MBCOA registered breeder. Anything else is taking a chance. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about Mini Bulldogs.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mini Bulldog Popularity

The Miniature Bulldog has become one of the most popular dog breeds around. This is a great thing and a horrible thing. We are proud members of the MBCOA, the Miniature Bulldog Club of America, They are the parent registry to the Miniature Bulldog in the United States today. If you are going to purchase a Miniature Bulldog please make sure that it is MBCOA registered.

We receive 100's of emails a week from potential Mini Bulldog owners and people who purchased a " Mini Bulldog " from non registered members. Most of the Miniature Bulldogs you see advertised are Cross Breed, Hybrid, or just to put it bluntly, Mutts. Now there is nothing wrong with Mutts. We love them. However, if you are going to pay a premium for a Pure Breed Miniature Bulldog you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

A true Miniature Bulldog should be a pure breed English Bulldog that has been breed down in size. Plain and Simple. If a breeder is advertising a Pug/Bulldog or French Bulldog/Bulldog mix, this is NOT a Miniature Bulldog. It is a very expensive Mutt. Use your head when purchasing a puppy. Visit our website for valuable information. and you will not only find the information you are looking for but other owners.

What is a Miniature Bulldog ?

From the Miniature Bulldog Club of America -

The Miniature Bulldog is NOT recognized by the AKC ( American Kennel Club ) or the AKC FSS ( Foundation Stock Service ). There are many breeders claiming to have AKC Miniature Bulldogs. Currently the only organization to recognizing the Miniature Bulldog is the MBCOA. You can now register your Miniature Bulldog online.

Since the popularity of the Miniature Bulldog has been on the rise there are so called “breeders” showing up all over the internet. The Miniature Bulldog Club of America was started many years ago and is the parent organization to the Miniature Bulldog breed in the United States. The MBCOA holds Miniature Bulldogs breeders to the highest standards and regulations. The Miniature Bulldog Club of America receives numerous requests from breeders to be members. We require Miniature Bulldog breeders to breed to the standards set by the MBCOA.

Since the popularity of the Miniature Bulldog has grown leaps and bounds we have gone from a small organization 7 years ago to over 1000 registered Miniature Bulldogs in 2007. The Miniature Bulldog Club of America is the only registry currently registering Miniature Bulldogs. When you are looking to purchase a Mini Bulldog please look for the MBCOA logo. If you do not see the MBCOA logo on a Miniature Bulldog breeders website the chances are you are not going to receive an original Miniature Bulldog.

The MBCOA does not condone the Mix Breeding of any combination of breeds to achieve a Miniature Bulldog. ALL Miniature Bulldog Club of America members breed 100% English Bulldogs that have been breed down in size. WE DO NOT mix Bulldogs with Pugs, Bulldogs with Boston Terriers, Bulldogs with French Bulldogs. These are considered Hybrid Miniature Bulldogs and not Original Miniature Bulldogs. While these puppies are cute and usually less expensive, they do not live up to the standard of the MBCOA.